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Griffin Frenchie

Today we're sharing a tribute to our Haru, and what a special dog she is and how far she has come. Haru is truly the most special and brave dog. In our update we we are helping our IVDD French Bulldog walk again by taking her outside for the first time. Nothing hurts more than when your dog is sick and you're told your French Bulldog needs IVDD disc surgery AGAIN that could risk their lives AGAIN. This time recovery has been much harder so it has taken us longer for her to be able to go outside. Our hearts are broken into a million pieces, our family still can't believe this has happened to our baby Haru one more time. Today I'm sharing Haru's life story to spread some joy and hope as well as what happened with our French Bulldog Haru and how we are helping her recover and walk again. Please watch till the end and keep Haru in your prayers.

posted by didonnaiqd