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8 Facts You Didn't Know About Tabby Cats


Want to learn more about tabby cats? In this video, we’ll explore 8 fascinating facts about tabbies. From the 4 types of tabby patterns to the origin of the word “tabby”, these facts just might make you look at your tabby with a new appreciation. Illustrations provided by Messybeast—check out this site for indepth charts, illustrations, and knowledge on cat genetics, breeds, and more.


Atabi history:
Tabby (silk weave) explained:
How tabby cats get their stripes:
Study on cat coat developmental genetics:

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Video Navigation:

0:00 Introduction
0:10 What is a Tabby Cat?
0:26 1. Tabby is a Coat Pattern
0:45 2. There Are 4 Types of Tabby Patterns
2:56 3. All Tabbies Have an "M" on the Forehead
3:28 4. Tabby is the Most Common Coat Pattern
4:06 5. The Agouti Gene is Responsible
5:51 6. Some SolidLooking Cats Are Secretly Tabbies
6:17 7. All Orange Cats Are Tabbies
6:50 8. The Name Comes From Silk

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