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20 Days Old Kitten Rescue: Before and After - Whole Story

Stray Paws of Istanbul

I rescued the kittens 3 months ago. It was a tough but blissful process. But in the end, all four kittens have a new family and beautiful life. I feel so fulfilled helping these innocent kittens. They were abandoned to die. After many sleepless and with the help of a cup of coffee I managed to raise them. Of course, I couldn't do this without Leo's help. He is my smart baby. Also, Mrs. Tulay drove me to the vet clinic whenever I asked her. She is the best. Also, I'm really glad I have so many good people supporting me. You guys give me strength. Thank you!
If you have the budget please consider supporting me and stray paws on Patreon:   / straypaws  

posted by hobinladenx3