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14 Best American Cat Breeds.

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American cat breeds are more abundant than you might think. Over a dozen breeds have originated throughout the United States, bringing some unique and beautiful cats into existence. Some cat breeds developed in the U.S. were the result of spontaneous genetic mutations while others were bred for a specific purpose, such as to achieve a certain coat type, look, or personality. Some of these American cat breeds are closely related while others are more distinct. They range widely in appearance and demeanor.

Here are 14 cat breeds that come from the United States.
1. American Shorthair
2. American Curl
3. Bengal
4. Exotic Shorthair
5. Maine Coon
6. Ragdoll
7. Balinese
8. Selkirk Rex
9. Bombay
10. PixieBob
11. LaPerm
12. American Wirehair
13. American Bobtail
14. Ocicat

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