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100 Days Survive in Rainforest Building Underground Water Slide Park and Swimming Pool House

Primitive Jungle Lifeskills

100 Days Survive in Rainforest Building Underground Water Slide Park and Swimming Pool House
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As you know from our previous videos, we do a lot of great underground buildings with swimming pools, water slides and other related construction. But, this is the biggest and the best one we have done so far!
We have a swimming pool, two slides which cross each other and go down into the pool, two water tanks to hold water, two bedrooms, it’s huge! The whole area measure 12m x 15m.
The slides were designed in a figure of eight, with steps next to them so we could easily get back to ground level and, there are steps leading to our underground bedrooms. There is a grass seating area with sunbeds right in the middle where we can sit and relax.
We’re so proud of our latest build and I’m sure you’re going to love it too.
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Architecture Details
We started by digging out the pool area as this was the biggest space. We had to dig down further than we ever had done before. We went down to a depth of 3.5m. Once we had done the digging and made the steps and designed the walls, we made two underground bedrooms.
These two bedrooms were covered in bamboo and leaves to provide shade. We dug out beds in the rooms and left doorways into our swimming pool.
We created the cement from a termite mound, sand and water to create a waterproof lining for the pool and slides before we painted it all using natural dyes found in the jungle.
Then, all what was left was to fill it up with water! We used a local waterfall and ran bamboo pipes to the pool area and that was it, we just need to wait until it was swimming time!

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