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I Spent 299Days Building 1Million Dollar Villa House with Water Slide into Underground Swimming Pool

Primitive Jungle Lifeskills

I Spent 299Days Building 1Million Dollar Villa House with Water Slide into Underground Swimming Pool

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Who we are?
We are a group of 4 friends who live in San Francisco, the United States of America. We worked together in a company. Currently, we just decided to quite our job and started our job as our hobby and dream job as builders. We love building. We got the same mindset actually. Recently, we just move to live in Oklahoma, the southern of the USA. I got a plot of land here, so we come and start making videos about how to build, how to survive, and mostly about the primitive skills in the jungle.

Why this building?
As you knew already that we normally dig and build a lot of great underground building such as underground house, underground swimming pool, underground water slide, and other stuffs which related to underground and digging the soil. But in this video is a bit different even the shape the art style and the material that we used to build such an impressive villa house. Other than that, we try to make it much more unique by connected the very nice and curve water slide with the villa house and we dug a hug swimming pool just in front of the house. The swimming pool was designed as an apple shape which dedicate to the Apple logo, the world wide brand that we all know and trust in best quality and we all love it.

How big is this building?
The whole area of building including the villa house, the water slide, and the swimming pool is 300 square meters. The villa house dimension is 5.5meters by 6meters. The villa house was built as 2 story, so the high is 4.90meters. The high of the water slide is the same as the villa house and the length is 11.50 meters from the top to the bottom into the swimming pool. The swimming pool was designed as the Apple logo. It is 165square meters and 1.35meters depth.

What is the architecture details?
1. The building foundation
The 2 story villa house need a strong foundation in order to stand perfectly and remain for longer years. In fact, we are not a civil engineer or an architect but we knew exactly how to build such a hug building from our research and experiences. We made the strong foundation by using the rocks that we brought from the mountain, the sand, and the termite soil. It took almost 1months to prepare the foundation and we work so hard and really concentrate on it. We believe our strong and solid foundation could make our villa house become the best and last longer.
2. The Villa House
The main structure to build the impressive villa house are woods and vines that we could find in the jungle just around our shelter. We use the natural vines to connect the woods together to make the whole building structured. The rice straw is really useful in the building. We collect the rice straw from the paddy field and mix it with the mud to make much more sticky and just apply it on the wall to make a proper and strong wall for our villa house building. We just let the wall to dry for 1week and the wall become like concrete wall and last many years as it can protect us from big storm, big rain, and even the heat from sunshine. During the day time the temperature in our house is really cool and comfortable. And during the night time it is very cold to freeze, so we need a fire place just next to our bed.
3. The Water Slide and Swimming Pool
The water slide was built by using bamboo and just structured as the shape and filled by the soil. To make it stronger we need to hit the soil and fill more and more until it’s full and we just add some termite soil on the surface. The swimming pool was design as the Apple Logo and it’s big enough for our summer holiday.

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