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10 Signs Your Cat is Having an Emergency


In this video, Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, CVJ shares the top 10 signs your cat is having a medical emergency and needs to go to the vet right away. This is one you're not going to want to miss. Keep your cat safe by signing up for our free recall alert program:'>

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Video Navigation:
0:00 Introduction
0:38 1. Unproductive Retching
1:45 2. Unproductive Urination
2:46 3. Difficulty Breathing
4:05 4. Back Legs Paralyzed
5:07 5. Refusing to Eat
6:34 6. Poisoning
8:15 7. Abscesses
9:25 8. Unconsciousness/Seizures/Severe Depression
11:01 9. Trauma or Broken Bones
11:40 10. Swollen Eye or Sudden Blindness
13:02 Conclusion

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