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10 Exotic Cat Breeds You Can Legally Have As Pets


Exotic Cat Breeds You Can Own (legally in some areas):

* Bengal: Playful, energetic, stunning spotted coat.
* Egyptian Mau: Ancient lineage, spotted coat, fast & affectionate.
* Savannah: Tall, elegant, loves to jump, needs space.
* Bobcat (requires special care): Wildnative, short tail, needs a large outdoor enclosure.
* Caracal (experienced owners only): African wildcat, athletic, needs space & stimulation.
* Maine Coon (gentle giants): Friendly, loves following people, playful.
* Serval (experienced owners only): African wild cat, needs specialized care and diet.
* Abyssinian: Active, playful, loves climbing, ticked coat.
* Canadian Lynx (not for typical pet ownership): Requires large, natural habitat.
* Leopard Cat (experienced owners only): Wild instincts, complex needs, beautiful spotted coat.

posted by Pfoestlux