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When the pandemic began the barn where Sven and Mel were living went into lockdown. We had to decide whether to leave them there, unable to see them until the lockdown ended, or get them home and sort it out as we went. Easy decision, we brought Sven and Mel home in March with Molly following a few months later. As we figured out how to live with horses we started posting videos to document the journey for our family to enjoy. For some reason one silly video of Sven kicking a tree, farting on our dogs, then running away went viral with 28 million views to date. The happy consequence of sharing these videos was seeing how much joy they have brought to so many people who are suffering through some dark times. Many people have taken the time to let us know that watching our little herd and rescue dogs brings them a few seconds of joy during their day. We started this for ourselves but we are very happy to share it with anyone who needs a break from their daily grind. Thanks for watching!

posted by zachary1134oz