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Trying to exercise with cats around

Sho Ko

If you've got cats and exercise at home, you'll definitely relate to this!

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Many of you asked what my fitness channel is and I wanted to have some more classes uploaded before telling you but time is an issue, so I'm sharing it now with a short sample of what you'll see plus some behind the scenes footage. Sure, there are yoga and fitness vids (and if you've searched for yoga, then you're probably familiar with my partner in crime, Bryan Jones, whose yoga vids are among the best on YouTube) but the ones I record at home always feature Shorty and Kodi. If there are specific yoga or fitness vids you'd like to see there, please comment! And don't worry, this is the last I'll say of my other channels here :) More ShoKo vids soon! Music is Gonna Start by Kevin MacLeod,

posted by Korumlya05