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The Fish Beast

The Fish Beast
Hello and welcome to my channel! I'm Pierre from Washington State in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA.

I've been keeping fish off and on since I was a kid and along the way I've learned and relearned from my mistakes and from advice as well as books. I have a few tanks in my garage so I can't really say I have a fish room per se. I try to involve my kids in fishkeeping (when they're in the mood). I am still learning! I enjoy taking videos of my fish and try to educate and entertain at the same time...

My favorite fish include bichirs, catfish, loaches and I also keep dwarf shrimp. I try to reply to each comment and am always willing to help or answer questions (not that I'm an expert or anything). I also like to DIY things especially if it saves me money. Thanks for stopping by and please watch, like and subscribe! PEACE!

posted by izzatoke4