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Lucky Ferals

Lucky Ferals
Making the world a better place for feral cats.
Busting the myths and misinformation about feral cats.

Donations accepted at http://www.luckyferals.com/donations

Donations and friend mail can also be sent to:
Lucky Ferals
PO Box 4376
River Edge, NJ 07661


There has been a family of feral cats living in the woods near my house. It was May of 2016 when one of the cats came into my yard and meowed at me looking for food. I gave her some food and she gobbled it up. It happened a few more times and I couldn't believe how much this cat was eating. I thought she had worms. Then one day, she was more comfortable with me, and was laying on my patio and I could see that she was either pregnant or nursing and that's why she was eating so much. A week or so later, I saw the kittens under the fence. These videos have been documenting the lives and interactions of these feral cats.

posted by slogaml4