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YELLOW LASERS?!? Finally - after 25+ years of collecting!


Welcome to what may very well be the most informative video on yellow lasers online. Simply because there aren't many yellow lasers around making videos about them even rarer...
After 25+ years of collecting lasers, I finally should have some too. Two new colors, supposed to be 561 nm and 591 nm, in the yellow gap between red and green.
I will test their color (wavelength in nm) and power output. Are they as specified?
Are they even yellow? This may depend on the eyes of the beholder. What do you think?

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"Darkness is Coming" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Adding the Sun" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Energizing" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Long Note Three" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Impact Lento" Kevin MacLeod (
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2) "Spacial Harvest" Kevin MacLeod (
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