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Wrestling Ragdolls (short clip) Timo the Ragdoll Cat


Just a short clip to show you that Timo is getting more energetic every day. He's feeling well, acting more and more like the old Timo. Unfortunately he last a lot of weight and fur and he's not gaining some weight yet. Hopefully he will soon. He's eating better than a few weeks ago. I am Timo (part 2). Why Do Vicious Killers Make Good Pets? NINJA CATS vs DOGS - Who Wins? Behavior, Personality Traits, Characteristics of Ragdoll Cat Bowie. Four Seasons With Timo the Ragdoll Cat (compilation). Maine Coon vs Ragdoll - What Are the Differences? Blind Mini Cat Gives Her Mom Kisses - MILI | The Dodo. Ragdoll kitten wants to play (Timo news update, read description). Timo the Cat reacts on the word vogels (birds) talkative/vocal cat. Worlds Most Cutest Complaining Cat (compilation). Cons Of Owning A Ragdoll Cat. How I Trained My Cats. I am Timo. Bad Cats Club | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017. Try to stay SERIOUS -The most popular CAT videos.

posted by jerria0899y