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World's WEIRDEST Cat Breeds

Wacky Universe

Many people love cats and don’t know how they would live without them, so we’re here to make that love even stronger. While these cats are all a bit different and strange in their own ways, they’re also adorable, and we’d love to own one of each. Get ready for a good heart melting, because this is World’s Weirdest Cat Breeds!

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4. Khao Manee
This little white beauty is known as a Khao Manee, a Khao Plort, or a Diamond Eye cat. The breed began in Thailand and is rare, and its ancestry can be traced back a few hundred years to the Ayutthaya Kingdom in the 1700s. Their pure-white or mostly white appearance helps to distinguish them from other cats, as do their eyes. The eyes can be gold, blue, or one of each, and this odd-eyed combination is the rarest variety of the Khao Manee. They’re reported to be extraverted and curious kitties, intelligent as can be, and very relaxed and calm when it’s time to chill, making them very popular lap cats for those who want the constant attention.

3. Devon Rex
Short-haired, wavy-coated, big-eared… are you getting interested yet? These gorgeous little kitties are part of the Devon Rex breed, and they came out of England sometime during the 1950s. They’re pretty small, slender cats with that aforementioned wavy coat that is similar to the fur of a Corning Rex, although they’re not associated with the breed. Their unique appearance often leads to them being called “alien cats” or “pixie cats,” what with upturned noses, giant ears, big eyes, super short whiskers, long legs, big toes, and fragile-looking bodies. They’re a people-oriented breed with a mischievous, playful side, and they’ve been described as a mix of a cat, dog, and monkey for their jumping skills, as they often try to jump and then weasel their way into the highest spot in a room.

2. Cornish Rex
These seriously strange-looking, adorable kitties are Cornish Rexs, a breed that’s sometimes called the Greyhound of cats because of their sleek bodies and galloping run! They look soft, don’t they? That’s because the Cornish Rex doesn’t have the typical three coats that other cats have and only have down hair (undercoat), and it’s really short and very fine. It’s also not uncommon for them to go bald over large areas of their bodies, although what they do keep is often curly. If you want a fun, adventurous, playful cat, the Cornish Rex could be it; some even like to race other animals, perform acrobatic jumps, and even fetch! They’re also known to cause less of an allergic reaction in people allergic to cats than many other breeds, they’re friendly with other animals, and they actively seek out the attention of people. What more could you want in a cat?


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