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Why Your Cat Won't Eat and What to Do About It

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Why is your cat not eating? Some possible answers and what to do about it. My cat, Mr. Muffin stopped eating so, in this video we look at some of the reasons why your cat won't eat. My cat had cat diarrhea one night. He he only nibbled at his cat food.

In the video I run through some of the nonmedical reasons a cat stops eating.
1. The cat food bowl has been moved to a new location.
2. The food bowl is not clean.
3. You changed the cat food to something he does not like.
4. His cat food is cold.
5. He is bored with his cat food.

Your cat might not be eating because of tooth or mouth pain.

But none of these fit Mr. Muffin. On day three, my cat stopped playing and acted lethargic, another bad sign. Also, my cat would not drink water. Because Mr. Muffin eats only wet food he does not drink much. So I got worried that he was not getting enough water. Cats, need to drink and eat and can have complications from not eating and drinking, including liver problems, urinary infections and more.

I made a vet appointment. While waiting, I did several things.

Maybe he was not eating because he got into something poisonous. So, I checked for possible poisons that the cat might have gotten into. Cleaning materials, glues, paints, varnishes. But nothing was broken into or opened. I checked to see if the cat ate the house plants. But they were intact.

Eating a small toy or string can also cause a cat’s eating problems.

Because the cat was not eating and to prevent dehydration, I helped my cat drink a little using a plastic syringe squirting a little water on his tongue. (The vet later checked to see if my cat was dehydrated by seeing if his skin snapped back or tented. Mr. Muffin was not dehydrated.)

The cat vet thought my cat had a virus or bacteria and was feeling nauseous and that was why my cat was not eating.
1. Indoor cats can catch viruses from outdoor cats, even if they never go out. And because they don’t go out indoor cats don’t have resistance to many common viruses cats carry.
2. You can transfer the virus from your neighbor’s cats or neighborhood strays, just by stepping on old poop, petting them or other types of contact.

So, my cat got medicine to reduce his nausea and give me a window to help him eat. My cat also got an antibiotic in case it was a bacteria. I fed my cat pureed baby food of a flavor he likes and put a little on the side of his mouth.

All these steps helped my cat get better and start eating again.

posted by geraxzzhx