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Why you MUST use a HEAT Lamp for your hairless Sphynx/Bambino/SphyxieBob/BamBob/Elf Cats!!!

LiLNudists Cattery

Why you MUST use a HEAT Lamp for your hairless Sphynx/Bambino/SphyxieBob/BamBob/Elf Cats!!!

Hello! Welcome to my Cat Health Coaching YouTube Page! I have been a lifelong animal lover, as well as health and fitness enthusiast. My two loves began to combine when I began breeding the hairless cat breeds the Sphynx and Bambino in 2007. I quickly learned that it was very important to understand the physical and emotional needs of my cats to create as much as a natural, speciesappropriate diet and lifestyle for them as it was for me.
Over the past 14 years now, I have expanded my knowledge greatly to understand not only the best nutritional practices for cats, but also the best use of vaccinations, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical medications, herbal therapies, behavioral modifications and more.
I strongly believe in using natural modalities whenever possible to reverse current health challenges and return the body to a natural state of homeostasis. However, I believe a balance and melding between natural medicine and conventional medicine is best, choosing to ignore an entire framework of medicine either natural or conventional to me is not a practice based in common sense but stubbornness.
Through my cat health coaching consults I help my cat parents by guiding them through making simple, easy, affordable, but effective changes through nutrition, supplements, medication recommendations, and behavior modificationswhich produce lasting health results for their beloved pets.

If you are interested in booking a Cat Health Coaching session with April simply visit her Facebook Page and send a message! https://www.facebook.com/cathealthcoa...​

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