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Why You Can't Sign Your First Al Automation Agency Client

Liam Ottley

In this video I explain why you can't sign your first Al Automation Agency client by addressing one of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make when trying to sign AI Automation Agency clients. I walk you through what this issue is, simple steps on how to solve it before sharing from my personal experience the 4 most common beginner mistakes when trying to sign their first client.

If you want to know how to start an AI Automation Agency but are struggling to sign AI Automation clients in your niche, then this video is a must watch.

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0:00 Intro
1:12 About Me
1:56 Defining Your Sales Funnel
2:42 What Does A Sales Funnel Look Like?
5:44 How To Sign Your First Client
8:20 4 Most Common Mistakes

About Me
Hi! My name is Liam Ottley and I’m an AI developer and entrepreneur, creator of the AI Automation Agency model and founder of my own AI Development and Automation Agency: Morningside AI (https://morningside.ai & https://morningsideautomation.com). You’ve found my YouTube channel where I help other entrepreneurs create their own AI business in the form of an AI Automation Agency!

On this channel we're all about building real businesses, building real skills and making real money in order to create a life you truly love living. I post new videos weekly explaining how you can start and scale your own AAA as a beginner and unlock the world of AI business for you.

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