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Why We Bought a Gas RV Instead of a Diesel Pusher

Moving Forward Adventures

We are asked all the time if we are happy with our gas RV and when are we going to upgrade to a diesel pusher. Our RV is on the Ford Chassis with the Triton V10 6.8 liter engine, it is matched up with the Ford 5 speed torque shift transmission. In this video we go over the reasons why we bought a gas Class A RV and if we would by one again. I also talk about all of the benefits of owning a diesel pusher.

1. Traveling all over the country we knew that we would be in unfamiliar places, but we could always find a Ford dealership anywhere and it would be easy to get parts. Almost any mechanic can work on a ford engine, so even small garages would be able to make repairs if need be.

2. Cheap to maintain, Oil changes are usually right under $100

3. easy to find a gas station, every fuel station sells gas, but not all sell diesel fuel

4. Upfront cost will be less for a gas coach, gas RV’s are cheaper to purchase and cheaper to maintain, this probably the reason most people start with a gas RV

5. You should expect to get about 200K300K miles out of a gas coach and at 5,000 miles a year that is 40 to 60yrs this was more than we needed for the RV to be able to do. We plan on owning the RV for no more than 10 years.

6. What about mountain climbing. We knew 95% of our driving would not be climbing mountains, we have driven all over the united states and the most extreme grade on a highway is 9% we have been on higher grades on backroads and we have always made it with no problem, in fact we have to get out of the slow lane so that we can pass the tractor trailers. Of course the engine revs and it gets a little louder, but it’s not like we need to shout at one another. So for us needing more HP power and torgue for only 5% of our driving did not seem worth the upcharge.

7. Size, we wanted to stay under 30 feet and when it comes to Diesel pushers we couldn’t find any Class A diesel RV’s under thirty feet.

So the Class A gas met all of our needs and even succeeded them in some area.

There are many advantages to a diesel pusher, but here are what I felt were the top ones.

1. More towing capacity Tow a large trailer with toys or a larger SUV

2. More cargo capacity Family, and more stuff

3. Quieter ride because the engine is in the rear you will notice it is quieter in the front cab

4. Softer and superior suspension will give you a smother and quieter ride.

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