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Why not to get a Siamese cat

Momo Siamese

Thinking about getting a cat? Then watch this first! We go through out top reasons to get a cat but also reasons not to get a cat, although most of these can be applied to any pet. Who are we kidding though, the answer to the question really is always yes. Adopt all the cats!

0:00 0:45 Intro
0:45 1:34 Addictive
1:34 2:42 Company
2:42 4:41 Vet bills
4:41 6:05 Independent
6:05 7:46 Vacation worries
7:46 9:56 Entertaining
9:56 11:02 Can't have nice things
11:02 12:13 Health benefits
12:13 15:15 Dealing with the loss
15:15 19:09 New kittens

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Momo & Family

posted by gloriolaxh