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Why Hollywood Won't Cast This Harry Potter Actor Anymore


What Rupert Grint has been up to since Harry Potter.

Almost everyone around loves the Harry Potter series, and has a soft spot for the actors that brought it to the big screen. The cast of the series were just kids when they started, but many of them used this as a jumping off point to long, successful Hollywood careers. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have both gone on to great things, but what about Rupert Grint? We’ll let you know why his career has tanked, and Hollywood doesn’t want anything to do with him. From some personal disasters to bit parts, we’ll take you through this rather depressing career. It seems like his career might finally be turning around, but don’t get too excited too soon. Let us know if you’re a fan of his latest ventures, Snatch and Sick Note, or if you prefer to remember Rupert as Ron Weasley and nothing else. Then, click subscribe to see more from TheTalko.

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