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Why do I feel hungry? - BBC World Service

BBC World Service

Food. For all of us it is a basic necessity and for those lucky enough, it is something we spend a lot of time planning and enjoying.

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CrowdScience listeners certainly have a lot of food related questions; in this buffet of an episode Marnie Chesterton opens the fridge door to pick the tastiest. Starting with the seemingly simple question of what makes us feel hungry, and ending in outerspace, Marnie investigates flavour, nutrition and digestion.

After a year when watching TV has become a core activity for many people stuck in their homes, one listener wants us to find out if eating food whilst watching the TV affects our perception of taste. We then journey to the skies and ask if it is true that food tastes blander on aeroplanes, what does that mean for astronauts’ mealtimes? Back on Earth, Marnie explores whether humans are the only animals that season their food.

Tuck in your napkins and prepare to feast on a smorgasbord of scientific snacks.

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