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When Cats Hate Baths: Diana and Odin's Epic Resistance! 😼🛁💦

Royal Animals 👑

Discover the feline resistance in "When Cats Hate Baths: Diana and Odin's Epic Resistance!"

Prepare for laughter and heartwarming moments as Diana and Odin, our beloved Sphynx cats, take on bath time with their epic resistance!

Emma from Royal Animals tackles the challenging task of giving Odin a refreshing bath, while Bogdan pamper's Diana, the queen of resistance.

We'll guide you through their hilarious reactions and our bathing routine, featuring gentle antisebum shampoo, soft washing gloves, and cozy towels. Watch as we carefully clean their ears with ear swabs and a special solution, and ensure their eyes are cared for with a gentle gel.

After each bath, we reward our resilient feline friends with their favorite treats and delight in their playful antics.

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With love, Royal Animals

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