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Why Aren't Desalination Plants EVERYWHERE?

Two Bit da Vinci

Why Aren't Desalination Plants EVERYWHERE? Check out Larq's Awesome line of smart water filters!
It's hard to go more than a day without hearing about extreme weather, warmer weather, and droughts. As some believe the wars of the future will be fought over clean water, not oil, the future of clean drinkable water, is anything but certain. But we have a technology that can save us, desalination, and its been around for decades. But there might be a new and upcoming technology that can change the scale at which we desalinate water!

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0:00 Introduction
0:30 Can't We Drink Saltwater?
1:28 Fresh Waster Shortage
2:05 Desalination!
2:35 The Challenge
2:54 Type 1: Thermal
3:58 Type 2: Reverse Osmosis
6:12 Type 3: Solar Thermal
7:42 How it Works
8:30 Waste Management
9:35 Neom City
10:25 Will it succeed?
10:45 Why don't we have more?
10:58 Comments of the Week

What we'll discuss:
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