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Which Chameleon Should I Get?

Chameleon Breeder

Today we look at what chameleon to get for your first chameleon. I explore the things you should think about and compare the three most common species: the Veiled Chameleon, Panther Chameleon, and Jackson’s Chameleon.

If you are interested in learning more about chameleons subscribe here as more videos will be on their way! You can also check out the Chameleon Breeder Podcast which is dedicated to learning care and proper husbandry of chameleons. You can find it on your smartphone’s podcast app or at this webpage:

In this videocast I referenced the companion episode on which chameleon to start with and you can find that episode here

In this video I keep referencing how female chameleons should not be getting egg bound with proper husbandry. A great part of this is diet and the veiled chameleon is the usual victim of poor dietary practices. Check out this episode for more information on feeding veiled chameleons:

Panther Chameleons
I recommended going with a panther chameleon as your first chameleon because of the strong network of breeders available to help you along. There are many good ones. I suggest you start with Kammerflage Kreations, the oldest and most well established breeders in the world. They got that way by taking very good care of their customers. Check them out here

Jackson’s Chameleons
For a captive bred Jackson’s Chameleon check out this website that I manage. On it I feature care information and a list of breeders working with this incredible chameleon. Expect to pay captive bred prices, but the quality will be much greater than what you find at shows or pet stores.

Bonus recommendation – the Carpet Chameleon
Carpet Chameleons can be kept just like Panther Chameleons, but they are the size of your index finger. I absolutely recommend a captive bred carpet chameleon as a great “first chameleon” in addition to the above. But don’t bother with wild caught as they have a high rate of short life in captivity. Talk to Frank Payne for availability of the next captive hatched carpet chameleons.

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