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What If You Could Taste Colors


If we could taste colors, what would each color taste like? Sounds like a hypothetical question but this is exactly what happened to me recently! It was a Sunday morning, and I fried eggs for breakfast. But something was definitely wrong. I wasn’t sure if it’s eggs or me, though. Now, you've tried fried eggs, right? They normally taste like… eggs. But that time, along with the egg, I could also taste lemon, vanilla yogurt, and even some paper. Whatever was the reason, I decided I’d be okay with just a tea for that day. But as soon as tried it, I spat it out. What is that? Did I put a spoonful of black pepper there?

I tried to eat some strawberries but, along with the normal strawberry taste, they had a taste of hot chili. Suddenly, I got a weird thought. Do I… taste colors? And then I remembered something I read in one article once. Synesthesia! According to the theory, signals from one sensory system may end up in another system. For example, when a person can see the color of music or feel the smell of words. Something similar happens to newborn babies. And something similar happened to me...


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posted by Kramekgg