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Have you ever wondered how little we know about our bodies? The human body is an amazing and unique machine that triggers thousands of processes every second. Today, we're about to look at all the processes that are going on in the very depths of man!

What is the easiest way to get in? 0:44
40,000 bacteria in the human mouth 1:37
He’s waking up! 3:15
The circulatory system 3:33
The collective lens 4:33
The human ear 5:33
The human brain 6:03

Interesting facts about the human body:
An interesting fact, people who live in cities have more hair in their noses than those who live in the countryside, and it’s thicker and stiffer.
8 to 30% of people around the world gnash their teeth while sleeping – it’s called bruxism.
There are about 40,000 bacteria in the human mouth, but most of them aren't harmful.
An adult person performs around 23,000 inhalations and exhalations a day.
When sneezing, the speed of air flow reaches 60 miles per hour!
Our heart pumps around 182 million liters of blood during our lifetime.
The cornea and lens are pretty much collective lenses, so they invert the image when it reaches the retina of the eye.
100,000 chemical reactions occur in our brain every single second.
When a person swallows, the larynx usually closes in order to prevent food from getting into the respiratory tract. But while talking, the larynx might remain open.

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