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What happened to Pamuk and Princess in early 2023?

walter santi

In this video, you'll be seeing what Pamuk and Princess went through earlier this year. Both our cats got very sick back then but thankfully after a very long treatment process, they regained their health! They are both true champions! And this is their story...

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About Our Channel:
This channel is about the daily lives and adventures of my 3 indoor cats Santi, Indy & Chewie and our 14 outdoor cats and my dog Walter.
Our outdoor cats are living in our garden and their names are D'Artagnan, The Rolling Cat (Princess), The Purring Cat, D'Artagnan's Girlfriend, Porthos, Zoom, Junior, The Mom Cat, The Big Head, Ruzgar, Nope, Pamuk, Pamuk Jr. and Vasak.
If you are a new visitor to our channel, I suggest that you watch the two playlists called "All The Videos of Our Outdoor Cats (In Order)" and "All The Videos of My Indoor Cats (In Order)" first.
Apart from the videos of our cats, from time to time I also upload videos of other animals I come across. So it's all about animals here! Enjoy!


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