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What Happened to Cole and Marmalade - What is the Chris Poole Legal Defense and How Can You Help

Furball Fables

#FreeColeandMarmalade Have you been wondering what could have happened to Cole and Marmalade? Well we did too! The CAM youtube channel and social channels pretty much stopped posting in January of this year. On Caturday March 7th, Chris Poole released a GoFundMe legal Defense ( and this is how we found out what was going on. But it certainly did not answer all the questions we had. After several days of research we felt we understood better what was happening. But this story was changing everyday. The fans were mad and confused. On March 8, we made the decision to try and help by telling this story. This is a very different video for Furball Fables! There has been no press and we felt that our fellow cat youtuber really needed some support. We have chosen not to include every single detail.

Here is Jessica's Instagram account and Etsy store. please support her!

I took the precaution of not using any pictures from the social media accounts which is why there are blocks on some of the photos.

A very special thanks to the cat people on the new Facebook groups that were created to help Chris and Jess. I found a lot of useful information and opinions and resources there.

Furball Fables

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