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What Does the Inside of the Internet Look Like?


This video is sponsored by Djuice. What does the inside of Tinder, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram look like? We went inside and found out. Documentary footage. 100% real.

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Maria Stavang
Camilla Grindheim Larsen
Olaf Heggdal
Espen Hobbesland
Andreas Foss
Dan Jørgen Eide
Charlotte Eide

Thanks to Fjell Festning for letting us use their fortress as location:

And thanks to mr. DOP, Arne Daniel Storevold Haldorsen.

Sound effects:
S: Pigeons taking off.wav by Glaneur de sons | License: Attribution
S: Audience_Murmur_of_Agreement by unchaz | License: Attribution
S: flying_papers.aif by cfork | License: Attribution What is the Internet? You Won't Believe What The Internet Used To Look Like! Must Watch! 10,000 Years Into the Future in 10 Minutes. Who's the next James Bond? 20 Things You Didn't Know About Voldemort's Daughter Delphini. Harry Potter and the Teenage Rebel. Top 10 Harry Potter Moments That Made No Sense. Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark. Batman Goes Shopping. History of the Internet. Channels That Steal Theories. Rage Comics - In Real Life 2. New Harry Potter Trailer - Soup. What's inside the Undersea Internet Cable? What the Harry & Hermione dance really means - Harry Potter Video Essay.

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