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What Do My Husky Dogs And Cats Do While We Sleep

North Yuki Husky

How does it feel to live with three huskies and three cats? Where do your dogs and cats sleep? What's a new puppy doing while you're sleeping? Do you allow your dogs to sleep on the bed? This video will answer all these questions about my cute pets. Yes, I allow my dogs to lie and sleep on the couch and on the bed. My cute puppy is with us all the time. Adult dogs sleep peacefully next to the puppy Olivia. Moreover, cats sleep peacefully next to dogs. Although no, cats walk on the blanket all night. Cats jump on the bed, get under the covers and generally behave unceremoniously. But we are used to it. Because we love all our pets. And probably, feeling our love, both cats and dogs want to be with us around the clock.

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posted by lawator55