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What Cats Teach Us About Happiness | A Cat's Philosophy


Most of the time, cats come across as utterly indifferent. They don’t seem to care about other cats and aren’t too attached to their owners. But does this mean that cats are immoral, heartless creatures? Are cats, from a philosophical viewpoint, devoid of ethics and virtue?

According to philosopher John Gray, author of the book Feline Philosophy, Cats and the Meaning of Life, cats have ethics and are also capable of love and affection. The book explains feline philosophy using John Gray’s interesting insights supplemented with theories and views by other philosophers like Arthur Schopenhauer, Michel de Montaigne, and Plato. Based on my interpretations of Gray’s ideas, this video explores what we can learn from cats.

What Cats Teach Us About Happiness | A Cat's Philosophy

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00:00 Intro
02:09 The vegetarian cat
03:39 Cats are fine being cats
06:34 Cats: independent, individualistic, and serene
08:42 Cats don't rely on stories
10:19 Rules for life (from cats)

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