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Werewolves Compete in Cat Show! - Werewolf Cats in TICA Cat Show - Lykoi Cat Breed Debuts - Werecats

Pet Greatness

There's a new cat on the block! The werewolf cat is here.

Officially known as Lykoi, this gorgeous breed of cat is now allowed to compete in international cat shows.

Werewolf cats are a natural mutation (meaning they are NOT genetically modified!) of the domestic shorthair cat. They were first discovered in the US several years ago.

Lykoi are the only breed of cat to have a roan coat. A roan coat means that there are white hairs interspersed with any other color. Before Lykoi, roan coats only appeared in animals like horses and dogs.

The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized Lykoi as a Championship Breed and these werecats are now competing in cat shows.

The TICA judge in this video is David Nudleman.

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Werewolf Cat
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Gato de Lykoi
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