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Weirdest Cat Breeds That Shouldn't Exist


These are the absolute weirdest cat breeds you'll ever see! Some of these felines are just pure strange, others are incredibly rare, and others just can't be explained!

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Welcome back, Richest fans! Cats are pretty amazing creatures. They’re often thought of as being aloof and uncaring. Yet in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cats are often considered one of the most elegant pets a person can have. Yet some cat breeds aren’t very fancy. In fact, some are considered weird looking species. However, they all have an interesting tale. Today, we’re going to examine some of the strangest cat breeds that exist today. As well as see just how much money these fabulous felines are worth and the average cost of owning kitties.

Now, for the spoiler paragraph. If you want to be surprised, it’s best to go and watch the video immediately. Firstly, we have the Caracat that comes from the wild Caracal. There’s the hairless Donskoy species all the way from Russia. We have the Savannah cat and its links to Servals. There’s the Lykoi that resembles a little werewolf. Thailand has the Korat and they are known for bringing good fortune. We have the gentle giants, the Maine Coon! There’s the Selkirk Rex that looks like a cross between a cat and a sheep. There’s the Oriental Shorthair and their ties to Asian folktales. We have the Bengal that has the Asian Leopard in their genealogy. Finally, there’s the Japanese Bobtails and their famous relationship to Japan. We also have a couple of unusual photos that we need your help to figure out what they are exactly.

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posted by Blarzinosf