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Webinar 3: Keeping Kittens Healthy

Kitten Lady

To help support firsttime kitten foster parents, I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to offer Catology, a Kitten Care Webinar Series designed to provide foster parents with the education they need in order to care for the most vulnerable felines.

In the third webinar, Keeping Kittens Healthy, participants will learn:

How to provide basic preventative care like dewormers and probiotics
How to deal with GI issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and parasites
How to handle respiratory and eye infections, fleas, ringworm, common viruses, and more
How to properly sanitize and quarantine kittens for maximum health benefit
…and more!
The webinars will be streamed live on the official Facebook and Instagram of Royal Canin and the official Facebook and Instagram of The Kitten Lady.

Royal Canin is also covering the cost of the first month of nutrition for all new kitten and cat fosters or adopters. To redeem, you must first purchase any Royal Canin kitten or cat food, visit and use code 2011942. You will need to provide a copy of your kitten’s foster or adoption paperwork and a purchase receipt.

More Information:

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