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We’re Running Out of Sand (and It’s a Huge Problem)

PBS Terra

Watch the full first episode of America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston here:    • The Suwannee River is One of the Coun...  

From skyscrapers, to paint, to cell phones, we depend on a seemingly unremarkable substance: sand. But behind sand's mundane existence lies a looming crisis. The modern world is built on sand, and we are running out.

Baratunde Thurston goes in search of this littleknown crisis and discovers why it matters. Vanishing sand means disappearing coastlines and beaches, depletion of ocean floors and vital ecosystems. The stuff we lie on at the beach is becoming so precious, there’s even a black market for sand! Fortunately, a few passionate innovators are looking for solutions.

Travel to the disappearing coast of Louisiana to learn how conservationists are working to replenish sand, and the difficult choices they are forced to make. Meet an entrepreneur who’s recycling glass bottles to create more sand. And learn why solving the sand crisis matters to the future of the planet—and the outdoor environments we cherish

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