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We Competed To Make The Best Meat Jello • Ladylike


Watch 10 women with drastically different styles try their hand at styling the same clothes in their own unique way!:'>'>'> Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase:'>'>'>
Watch more of Ladylike videos here:'>'>'> "I'm just going to mix it all together and hope for the best."

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Aspic meat on a plate. Beef jelly. Russian food aspic
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Woman holding pair of cute child socks on white background, closeup
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Jelly with meat, beef aspic, traditional Russian dish, portion on plate, mustard and horseradish
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Aspic jellied chicken with egg and vegetables.
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Salmon fish isolated on white
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fish in aspic on white background
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Cottage cheese in glass bowl
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Isolated pink ham, sliced evenly
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Richard Nixon
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12 hours timelapse of modern minimalistic clock on dark wall.
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Golden Confetti Party Popper Explosions on a Black Backgrounds
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jellied jelly meat
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Confetti Party Popper Explosions
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