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Waterproof Pet And Dog Cargo Liner Installation - 4Knines

4Knines® In this video Jim. from 4Knines, shows you how to install your new dog seat cargo liner. 4Knines offers cargo liners for your truck, SUV or other automobile.

Here is more from 4Knines:

If you’re looking to keep your cargo area nice and clean, despite your dogs hopping in the back, 4Knines has the answer. Our cargo liner for dogs and pets helps protect the back of your car from dirt, spills, fur, claws and any other accidents that may happen while they’re back there.
Our luxury cargo cover is beautifully designed and made from quality waterproof material that gives it a classy look and feel that helps it blend in with your car’s interior. Our cargo covers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, so you are sure to find the perfect cover for your SUV.

posted by Lymnimpenno