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🥤 Vejo Review u0026 Taste Test: Do These Convenient Blender Pods Make Good Smoothies?


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Check out our Vejo review to take a peek at one of the most innovative smoothie services around. Vejo's smoothies come packaged at room temperature in pods similar to those you see commonly with Keurig coffee machines, but they're packed with nourishing ingredients that have been freezedried at peak freshness so you get a powerpacked dose of nutrition that does your body good. You simply add liquid and blend for 30 seconds, that's it! With additional offerings such as cold brew coffee, preand postworkout options, protein smoothies, and even teas, they've got something for everyone.

What's in Our Vejo Box:

Blender Cleaning Pods
Matcha Latte Blend
Cold Brew Coffee Blend
Spiced Chocolate Blend
Lemon Sleep Tea Blend
Immunity Fuel Blend
Tropical Blend
Portable Blender with Cleaning Brush & Charger
Tart Berry Blend
Banana Almond Blend
Pina Greens Blend
Clean Greens Blend

What We Tasted in Our Review:

Banana Almond Blend
Matcha Latte Blend
Spiced Chocolate Blend
Cold Brew Coffee Blend

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0:00 Intro to Vejo Review
0:27 Vejo Unboxing Review
1:19 About Vejo & How It Works
2:04 Blending Vejo Smoothies
2:58 Taste Test Vejo Smoothies Review
6:41 Vejo Review Conclusion


Vejo blends are great for so many reasons, including the fact that the entire system is so portable. If you’re running late to work, or need to drop your kids off and don't have time for breakfast, or whatever the case is, it takes literally 1 minute to create a balanced breakfast no matter where you are. The Vejo blender actually holds a charge for about 30 blending cycles, so you don’t have to worry much about constantly charging it either.

One thing that really stands out about Vejo is their commitment to wellness, and helping others achieve it. For example, they now have a personal blend subscription option that allows for personalized blends to be created and sent to you regularly based on a blood analysis that shows which nutrients your body needs more of. In addition, they have their Matcha diaries challenge, which encourages people to switch from coffee to matcha, gaining multiple health benefits in the process. They also offer sleep blends that aid in falling asleep, staying asleep, and achieving better quality rest. Vejo’s collagen glow is another blend to look into as far as a health boost, with benefits to hair, nails, skin, and bones.

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