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How to Rank Higher on Google Maps 2021 |⬇GMB Crush Free Chrome Extension

Gmb Crush Google My Business Audit Tools

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps in 2021, Loca SEO 2021 with GMB Crush
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00:01 Introducing GMB Crush Extensions
00:36 Reverse Engineering GMB Competitor's Title to rank higher on Google Maps
01:16 Reverse Engineering Number of GMB Competitor's Reviews to rank higher on Google Maps
01:30 Reverse Engineering GMB Competitor's Description to rank higher on Google Maps
03:36 Reverse Engineering GMB Competitor's Categories to rank higher on Google Maps
04:46Reverse Engineering GMB Competitor's Google Posts to rank higher on Google Maps
05:53 Local 3pack ranking factors (Part of them)
06:58 Google Posts analysis and tips
07:35 GMB Crush Features Summary

GMB Crush now allows you to reverse engineer your top three competitors on Google My Business, gaining a better understanding of what's working for them and the things that Google rewards you for. Gain important insight into your competitors' titles, allowing you to see if they are stuffing keywords into their GMB titles to rank higher on searches. This will allow you to suggest edits directly via Google My Business, asking the Google team to review the competitor's listing and nefarious practices. With GMB Crush, you will be able to analyze all of the additional categories used by your competitors, as well as the ranked order of these categories. Then, simply log into your GMB account, and optimize your listing based on your competitor's. s category analysis. Once you understand how the GMB descriptions of your top three competitors are being structured and optimized, you will then be able to create a more compelling and complete GMB description for your own listing. The result you will rank higher. In addition to the many benefits of our free application, you can now detect the posting volume of each of your GMB competitors. This "total post count" or "PC" tells you exactly how much and how often your competitors are posting. As such, you will be able to scrape the frequency of posts made by your competitors and detect precisely how many of their posts were made in the last 90 days. This allows us to understand how many posts a specific listing has, what Google sees as relevant in terms of a total post count, and how often a competitor has been posting during the last 90 days. Once you have identified the additional categories that each top listing is using and their exact orders, you can simply log into your own GMB listing and kick off your optimization process based on what Google is rewarding your top GMB competitors for in terms of ranking and visibility. . At this stage, we want to understand what the total post count for this specific listing is in this case, 75 and that in the last 90 days, they have posted three times. In this instance, if, for example, you are an agency managing a client's listing, or managing your own listing, by analyzing this data, you'll get an instant advantage over your GMB competition. How? You can strategize to double down on the GMB post count and / or increase the amount of GMB publishings simply by posting more frequently and more often. So, more posts, more authority, and higher publishing frequency through Google My Business are all GMB ranking factors. You'll want to be sure that you're going after them with the right strategy! With a higher publishing frequency, we are also sending signals to Google that we are more active in comparison to the competition. This will inevitably result in more clicks to our Google My Business post, generating those critical higher engagement signals to Google. Whatever is happening outside of our Google listing is impacting your GMB ranking, and yes, CTR (clickthrough rates) are among the top metrics used to measure how relevant your listing is! Any user generated engagement signals, such as driving requests, phone calls, clicks to your GMB posts, and photos, are part of Google's metrics, used to identify with the GMB listing that deserves the number 1 spot. How often are the top three listings posting on Google over the last three months? How many reviews are the top listings coming up with? What's your GMB rating score versus these top3 listings? Under which primary and additional categories should we optimize our listings? What is the exact order of primary and additional categories used by competitors? With GMB Crush, you can quickly identify what is working for the top three Google My Business listings, collect more insights and strategize to win!

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