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Google My Business Optimization in 2021 | 📩 Free Chrome Extension

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Google My Business Optimization in 2021 | Free Chrome Extension
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00:10​ What is Google My business
01:13​ Google My Business Benefits
02:37​ Tip #1 Claim and Compete your Google My Business Listing
03:19​ Tip #2 Gain Powerful Local Citations
03:54​ Tip #3 How to optimize your GMB Description
04:46​ Tip #4 Keep Updating your Google My Business Listing
05:36​ Tip #5 Pick The Right Google My Business Categories
06:10​ Tip #6 Calibrate Your Publishing Frequency
07:15​ Tip #7 Increase Reviews and Rating Score
07:50​ Tip# 8 Empower Your Faq Section
08:09​ Tip #9 Embed a Google Map On Your Website
09:07​ Tip #10 Optimize Your GMB Sitelink Page

Tip 1

Claiming your business on Google Maps allows you to provide much more vital detail about who you are as a company, along with more intricate information within your listing.

Tip 2:
Gain Powerful Citations.

Discover where your competitors are building their own local citations. Ensure that your company's NAP (name, address, and phone number), built through these citations, is 100% aligned with your Google My Business listing.

Tip 3:
Optimize your GMB Description.

Make sure you understand which keywords are essential and relevant to your listing, as your clients will find your business by using them.

Tip 4:
Keep Updating your Listing.

Updating your Google My Business profile is an essential requirement in order to rank higher on Google Maps! Using highquality images is crucial to enhance your GMB CTR and also sends high engagement signals to Google. Higher Engagement Signals = A Higher Google Maps ranking!

Tip 5:
Pick the Right Categories

Ensure that you have the most accurate and latest categories assigned to your business, in the optimal order.

Tip 6:
Calibrate your Publishing Frequency.

By publishing your GMB posts frequently, you will attract more local clicks and traffic towards your brand name search, thus outranking your competitors.

Tip 7:
Increase Reviews and Rating Score.

Gain reviews and provide clients with the official review link provided by Google My Business. Be sure that your overall rating score and the number of reviews is aligned with the top3 pack results.

Tip 8:
Empower your FAQ Section.

Include as many relevant Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers) into your GMB listing as possible. Answer your clients' questions by including semantic and targeted keywords incorporated into your content. Be relevant and avoid adding links.

Tip 9:
Embed a Google Map on your Website.

We recommend embedding the Google Map on your home page, in the highest part of the page, so that visitors can simply click on it, generating more valuable engagement signals such as driving requests, etc.

Tip 10:
Optimize your GMB Sitelink Page.

Optimize the landing page linked to your Google My Business to boost your Google Maps ranking.

Based on what works for your competition, it is crucial to optimize the content of your landing page linked to your GMB. This, in turn, allows for the targeting of local searches, servicebased keywords, and all other related searches. Be sure to carefully analyze your top competitors' landing page content, working to incorporate those locationbased keywords into your own content on the page.

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