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(469) 2838043 In this video, you will see the virtual reality (VR) technology used for the 2018 event in Dallas Texas for the Bridge: a homeless recovery center. 900lbs of Creative also has helped event and exhibit organizers with augmented reality (AR) technology applications.

Here is more about the event:

On September 20th, 2018, Dallasbased homeless recovery center, The Bridge, held their 10year anniversary event, IMPACT, at The Bomb Factory. The gala was hosted by donors Nasiba and Thomas HartlandMackie and featured a performance by fourtime Grammy Award nominated artist, Jewel. In addition to the fine food and entertainment for the guests, The Bridge was looking for an inspirational way to educate the patrons on their impact on the homeless community in Dallas and the wide variety of services they provide. They sought out 900lbs’ involvement to create something unique and memorable.

Knowing that a majority of the donors attending may never have the opportunity to see the facility themselves and the work being done, 900lbs recommended creating an immersive virtual reality experience to tell the story of the facility in an attentiongetting way.

Working with Sam Merten, Chief Operating Officer at The Bridge, 900lbs filmed 360degree video footage in target areas around the facility (e.g. the kennel, services building, and the cafeteria). Additionally, 900lbs captured drone coverage from above the facility to use as an overview screen and supporting content in the experience.

The Bridge was established and is supported by some key players in Dallas’ recent history, including current Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, and former Dallas Mayor, Laura Miller. Mayor Rawlings offered his time to film the introduction to the experience and narrate the voiceover throughout. 900lbs also filmed testimonials with leaders like CEO, Dr. David Woody III, and Chairman of the Board, Lynn McBee, as well as current guests of The Bridge.

This was a unique and gratifying project for 900lbs. We enjoy dedicating our skills and expertise to causes such as this. Not only was the project fulfilling for our whole team, but a great and fun one to work on.

The Bridge is a fantastic facility doing amazing things for the 1,000+ people who walk through its door every day. To learn more and support The Bridge, visit:

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