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Watch this before you shave a Pomeranian

Patty Wirth

Please join my new Facebook group "Patty Wirth Grooming Instructions" I would love to discuss this with you there.
I made this video to warn people what might happen if they shave a Pomeranian. The hair may grow back perfectly normally, it might grow back in patches or uneven or take a long time. Or it might not grow back at all. Better to pick a length to cut the hair that you can live with. I am a groomer, the owner wanted the dog short and did not care if it grew back slowly. Every fall he lets the coat grow until summer and most of it grows back.
Long , thick hair on a dog does not keep it cool. Shorter hair is alway cooler than long hair. Wolves, coyotes, foxes, horses, cows shed because shorter hair is cooler. Sheep need to be sheared so they will not be too hot. Thick wool does not keep the sheep cool. Humans do not wear thick coats on hot days to keep cool.
If you plan to shave your Pomeranian, pick a length you like, in case it does not grow back.
Thank you to all the nice people who make kind comments. I make videos because I enjoy helping and entertaining people. If you use foul language you will be deleted and reported. So keep the four letter words to yourself.

posted by motejadavs