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WAS IT WORTH IT? $5000 OBS Interior Upgrade DIY


Project Playboy is almost ready to hit the streets after receiving a full modern makeover. We challenged TMI Products to match our factory interior colors and they knocked it out of the park. The colors are amazing but the craftsmanship is the most impressive part. What are your thoughts? Was it worth it? Catch the past episodes of this build in the playlist.

Interior 8884600640
Heat/Sound Padding 8002649472
Steering Wheel 8888131293
Digital Gauges 8008523228
Audio System 888.325.1555
Suspension 812.481.4787
Brakes 8889910887
Wheels 7148917680
EFI 8887991135
Fuel System 8773348355
Body Panels 8005628782
Frame Coating 8885314527
Installer 9419145536
A/C Replacement Parts 8135484952

posted by yura94n2