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Walking On Thousands Of Floating Logs At Spirit Lake At Mt St Helens

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I wrote in the video if you want to know what happened with the cats to come to the description well here is the explanation. after we visited the west side of Mount St Helens we were on our way to the east side where Spirit Lake is to do the following day and just an hour before getting dark we saw a little orange cat on the side of the road and decided to stop. the cat was obviously in distress and meowing like crazy there was another cat also. the orange cat was very easy to catch and we put it in the car later discovering it made a little poop. there was a second cat that was gray and it was a real pain to get it. it was walking around underneath pricker bushes and eventually used a small culvert pipe to run underneath the road. it seemed to be very familiar with the culvert pipe maybe it lived there for the few days it was there. after about an hour of the gray cat was caught. we called 911 because it was a weekend and no animal shelter in the area was open. the dispatcher said they would send somebody out. after about an hour nobody had showed up so I called back again and they were very mad at me because supposedly they tried calling me but I didn't pick up. [ I always use my cell phone as camera number two so I always leave the ringer off, I didn't expect anybody to call since they said somebody was going to come out]. even though they told me they were going to send somebody out they never did and the person was very rude and unprofessional on the phone but eventually they sent somebody out. they were unable to take the cats, the police department is not allowed to and they said that we would have to take them to a shelter on Monday if we wanted to help. a passerbyer that asked us what we were doing 1 hour prior came back and decided to keep the cats as their own. problem solved. there was also a box of at least four dead kittens, it's unclear if they were dumped dead or died in the heat unable to get out of the box like the others, the Box wasn't clicked shut but they are only kittens and may not have been smart enough to open it like the other two. the sheriff who did show up said she would send out the dot to pick up the dead cats on Monday. this was a very rural road between a bunch of farms and far away from any building so if that cat didn't come near the road it's unlikely anybody would have ever found them. it always pays to stop when you see something that might be wrong. thanks for watching

posted by Korumlya05