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vines that toast my buns

Maggie McMahon

THE ORIGINAL. 28 minutes of pure Vine nostalgia. Enjoy.

Yes, this video is on my channel twice. In December 2019, the original video was blocked in the US and Canada due to a copyright issue. I reposted it on my channel, but now that the ban on the original has been lifted, you'll see both. You can watch the original here:

Answers to common questions:
• At 7:35, they’re screaming at a snake on the top rung of the windowsill.
• In the Vine starting at 13:07, she's saying "I broke my bed," not "I broke my back." (The following Vine on her channel showed the broken bed)
• Yes, I arranged some of the clips by common themes (giraffes, summer, rain). See how many groupings you can find :)
• No, these are not arranged by alphabetical order (???)

I've gotten a lot of comments about "which song is that at x:yz?", so a playlist to (most) of the music featured in the video can be found here:

If you are in any of these Vines, you are my hero and I want your autograph.

posted by n2u3i2s5