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Veterinarian Tells You How Much to Feed Your Pets | Animal.Doctor.Leigh


In today’s video, I explain everything you need to know in order to find out how much you should be feeding your pets.

CliffNotes Version:
Before we start, you just need to know what your pet weighs and what food you are feeding.

1. Compare your pet to the body condition score chart (also known as a chonk chart). This is how you’ll know if your pet is at an ideal weight, or needs to gain or lose weight.
BodyConditionScoreDog.pdf (
CatBodyConditionScoring2017.pdf (

2. Next, make sure your pet’s weight is in kilograms.
Pounds ÷ 2.2 = kilograms

3. Find your pet’s resting energy requirements (RER). This is the energy your pet uses to perform basic functions (breathing, thinking, digesting, ect).
(Pet weight in kilograms x 30) + 70 = RER

4. Now we need to calculate your pet’s daily energy requirement (DER), which is the total energy used in a day. Take a look at the chart below. Pick the category that best fits your pet and use the number beside it.
RER x category number = DER

5. Get your pet food package and look at the nutritional information on the back. You can also look it up online.

6. Find where it says kcal/cup.

7. Figure out how many cups to feed.
(DER ÷ kcal/cup) x 100 = percentage of a cup

I hope you enjoyed this video!
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