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Unleashed: Katie Couric Meets the Adorable Residents of an Animal Welfare Center

Katie Couric

Did you know that Katie’s a grandma? A cat grandma, that is. Her daughter Carrie has two cats, Walter and Mabel, who Katie treats as her own.

As a lifelong animal lover, Katie adores both cats and dogs, and knows that pet adoption is just as much of a gift to pet parents as it is to the furry little friends they’re saving. During a visit to St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ, Katie got to witness firsthand how an adopted pet can make a family feel complete.

Sixyearold Betty Nelson had always been afraid of dogs…until she met Chief. A sweet, calm, threelegged bundle of love, Chief was living as a stray in Louisiana when a hunter mistook him for a wild animal and shot him. Chief lost his leg, but after being transported by Greater Good Charities to St. Hubert’s, he was being fostered by the Nelson's neighbor.That’s how he met Betty, and the pair became inseparable. Betty found a new best friend, and Chief found a forever family.

Chief is just one of the many success stories to come out of St. Hubert’s, the largest animal services provider in the region, touching the lives of tens of thousands of animals each year. Since 2021, the number of stray pets arriving at shelters across the country has increased by 26 percent, so the need for pet adoption is more crucial than ever. Thanks to organizations like St. Huberts and dedicated sponsors like Mars, Incorporated, these pets are that much close to finding their forever homes.

From Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1st, Mars is partnering with shelters in 15 cities across the country to cover up to 100,000 dollars in cat and dog adoption fees to further its ambition to end pet homelessness. If you’re looking for a new furry friend, there’s no time like the present to adopt or foster a pet. It’s an act that will change both of your lives for the better. For more information on participating shelters, visit

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