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UFO Crash Retrieval - The Kalahari UAP Incident // 3D CGI Animation / Unreal Engine 5.2

Mac Mave Studios

This Animation is Based on the Story of the 1989 Kalahari UFO Crash a nice Project to dive more into Unreal Engine 5.2.
Mostly to learn to create cinematic Scenes and Worlds in a short time ;)

Google Earth Loacation of the Crash Trench:
30°01'35.6"S 21°09'36.7"E

IVAN0135 Zeta Reticuli Grey Alien Videos:
   / ivan0135  

This Channel has only 4 Videos the 4th Video allegedly shows Scenes from the Kalahari Crash because it is the only one of those four with the Tags "Kalahari" and "Crash"

3D Models:
"Satellite Ground Station" ( by Harri Snellman is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

Michael Donner Music
   / michaeldonnermusic  

Social Media

Facebook:   / macmavestudios  
Instagram: #macmavestudios


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