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Tuxedo Cat 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Tuxedo Cats

Facts about Cats

Are Tuxedo Cats Smart? Are Tuxedo Cats Rare? Tuxedo Cat 101 In this video, you'll learn everything about tuxedo cats, like genetics, history, and some cool stuff you probably never knew about them.
Tuxedo Cat Names 100+ Names For Your Black and White Cat

My Cats Favorite TOY

This SAVED My Couch:

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✅Who are we?
We created this channel to help new(and not so new) cat owners with all the information they need to properly care for their furry friends (because I was clueless when we adopted our first cat).

Also, we want to show to the whole world that cats are not mean or selfish, as I see lots of people describing them. As more people understand that cats are wonderful companions and loving "pets", as more cats will be adopted into their forever home.

In this channel you will find out the most interesting facts about cats, also tips and tricks for daily care or cat behavior problems. Every catrelated question gets answered here. Subscribe if you want to know everything about cats!

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